Stay in medical center

The medical center is located directly at the entrance of the resort in the beautiful and well maintained park, and was built in 1999 according to Dutch law derived standards. Residencia Ciudad Patricia has large one and two single rooms. All rooms have private balconies, wheelchair accessible bathrooms, alarm and television connection. Receiving many national - and foreign channels is possible. All rooms are air-conditioned and overlook the park. Moreover, Residencia Ciudad Patricia offers a hotel service of excellent quality.

Personalized Treatment

As a result of the current quality of life, almost everyone is getting older than 80 years. The last decades lead us to a stage in our lives in which we are getting older and more susceptible to diseases, but that doesn’t mean, that we can´t have a happy life, adapted to our situation.

The search for quality of life is a fact, a priority for all stages of life and especially during the period of aging. Residencia Ciudad Patricia is a tool dedicated to obtain the best quality of life where professional and experienced services are provided, which are adapted to the individual needs of every resident, based on social analysis, physician, relatives and establishing a personal care plan.

To whom we provide our services?
  • Physical/chronic patients
  • Patients with dementia
  • People who need rehabilitation (hip surgery, support after discharge from hospital, etc.)
  • Holiday unit (seniors with disabilities)
  • Day center and respite care (short stay)
  • Assistance to patients in a terminal situation and palliative care

Services to be provided
  1. Everyday services, with programmed aid and adapted to the development of the Resident self
  2. Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy and Pressure therapy
  3. Own medical staff and nurses
  4. Psychological support
  5. Comprehensive coverage of activities and excursions
  6. Individual attention depending on the care that should be granted
  7. Social services, processing of documents: as well as Ley de dependencia, (dependency law), registrations at the town hall, fe de vida (proof of life), etc.
  8. Podiatrist, Hairdresser´s and Pedicure
  9. Maintenance and washing of your clothes and maintenance and cleaning of your room
  10. Transport with adapted buses for wheelchairs
  11. Accompaniment services
  12. Own quality kitchen, adapted to different tastes and to all nutritional needs. “A good RIOJA  should not be missed”

Our services are highly individualized, made from the heart, with respect, professionalism and friendliness. The small details are never forgotten, precisely because they give our center Quality. That´s why it is very important to have a great team, that focuses completely on the resident and their needs. Therefore we invite you to visit our center and learn more about the services we offer.

Information: Residencia Ciudad Patricia
T: 0034- 965868704 or 0034- 617760678
F: 0034- 965868944
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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