Annual Paella Party in Ciudad Patricia

The beginning of the summer at Ciudad Patricia is now known for the big annual Paella party and took place this year on June 20. During the day the residents were able to enjoy delicious paella again.

But what exactly is a paella and where does it come from?

The Paella
Paella is originally a Valencian dish and the main ingredients are; rice, seafood such as fish and shellfish, chicken, rabbit, tomato puree, “garrofónes” a special white bean from Valencia, string beans and saffron. It is important that the rice is cooked in fish and shellfish broth or from chicken and rabbit. This is preferably prepared outside in the special paella pan “Paellera” that is heated on charcoal.

The residents enjoyed the delicious paella, side dishes and a delicious dessert, all served by “Combi-catering”. There was live music present. “Duo Moonlight” singing all the residents favorite songs. There was plenty of dancing and singing by our residents and all on the beautiful terrace of our main building with spectacular views over the mountains.
And after the dessert, the residents were also surprised with a spectacular flamenco performance. This made the Paella party complete.

How wonderful life is in Ciudad Patricia!