Ciudad Patricia in Times of Corona

Because we are not currently able to arrange a personal visit with you, I would like to inform you through this way how life is going in Ciudad Patricia in these times of the corona virus and the steps we are taking at Apartments Ciudad Patricia to meet the number 1 priority, safety and well-being of our residents.

Most of all, everything’s OK so far!

It’s true we have to abide by the social-distancing rules, and all residents are kept up-to-date in their own language about the developments with regard to the regulations. This is taken care of by the location manager Nadine Sweers, and helps every resident understand the can’s and cannot’s during this time. Nadine actually lives in the park and is still working every day and remains available 24/ for emergencies. Residents have said how comforting, informative and supportive it is to know the Nadine is available for all queries.


There is a great doctor on site who is fully aware of medical aspects and national protocols. He holds daily telephone consultations and can, if necessary, immediately call in the necessary authorities in case of emergency. Dr. Arzuaga also lives in Ciudad Patricia, which is very comforting to the residents in these uncertain times.


Reception is still open from 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. for all those things that need reporting and acting upon, including reports of concerns, disturbances and complaints. The receptionist calls every day to check-in on residents living by themselves. This is very much appreciated by our residents.


Despite the very strict rules, the caretakers are still allowed to continue their work, in order to carry out the required sanitisation in all residential buildings on a daily basis. The main building is also cleaned and disinfected daily for access to most urgent items, including, for example, the mail that is still delivered intermittently. As a vulnerable target group, it is good to know that hygiene and safety are constantly being worked on.


Our restaurant and bar are closed in accordance with current regulations, but the cook now delivers the daily meals to the residents on request with appropriate distance. Nice idea that you don’t have to go out the door in these times.

Easter surprise for the residents

Obviously there could be no Easter brunch for the residents of Ciudad Patricia this year. So instead. every resident had a personal delivery (with 2m spacing of course) delivery of colourful plants and Easter chocolate. It is wonderful to see smiling faces in this difficult time, especially for those who are alone. The nursing staff at the nursing home were also surprised and received well-deserved applause.

Commercial activities

Our commercial activities are naturally limited, which means we have postponed open days and cannot receive any personal visits. However, we work online at the telephone from home. We recognise that especially at this time the desire to switch to a resort like Ciudad Patricia is even stronger, so do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone to submit your questions to us.

To contact me by email, please email ahobbs@ciudadpatricia.com

or visit our contact page.