Congratulations Peggy, “100 years young”!

Happy 100 @ Ciudad Patricia

Peggy Nutt, a resident at Senior Resort Ciudad Patricia for a wonderful 33 years celebrated her 100th birthday on February 16th 2018. Peggy was born in Oxford on 16 February 1918. She was the youngest of six. She married at the age of 21 and had her daughter Shirley.  At the age of 60 she moved to Spain with her second husband to Moraira.

Nadine, the resort manager had spent months planning and organizing a very special day and party for Peggy. All the residents were invited to the big day, and there was a big surprise for Peggy. It kept the residents and Peggy wondering what the surprise was to be. Family and friends were also invited to the special occasion and also a very lovely lady, her daughter Shirley who is 77 years. Shirley flew over from England to be with her mum.

Nadine gave a wonderful speech about Peggy and some of her highlights of living at Ciudad Patricia. Also the councilor for welfare, Angela Llorca, gave a nice speech and read out the message from the major.There were tears all round when Peggy’s favorite little people turned up. For many years Peggy always enjoyed a show put on by life size and life like wooden puppets. A few years ago the puppeteers retired. Nadine asked them very nicely to come along and say Happy Birthday to Peggy. She was so thrilled to see them and they both gave her a big kiss. Gordon Innes, President of the residents association, gave a lovely and funny recollection of Peggy’s life. Another lovely surprise was an envelope from Buckingham Palace inside a congratulatory card from HRH Queen Elizabeth.

Now for the surprise, all the staff at Ciudad Patricia from the manager to the caretakers and including myself practiced dances and put on a big show for Peggy.

We had the 4 caretakers, reception and resort painter and decorator as the Village People. There was my colleague’s and myself as the Weather Girls dancing and singing it’s raining men. There was also Madonna with Material Girl with all the caretakers and resort support worker Jayne. The doctor played the piano and dressed up as Beethoven. We had “ABBA” with the staff on the reception on keyboards and guitar, our resort manager and support worker as the singers.There was the “Andrew Sisters” and the caretaker of Flora and his wife who did an amazing salsa dance. The show ended with all staff on stage singing and dancing to¨ We are family¨ where Peggy got up and joined them dancing all together.

Peggy’s zest for life is unbelievable at 96 she fractured her pelvis. At 97 she suffered from a bad bout of pneumonia and only last year at 99 she broke her ankle. Peggy did a little speech to say thank you to all those that came to her birthday celebrations. She insisted in taking the microphone to say ”I am really overwhelmed by your kindness and really appreciate what you have done for me today. I want to give special thanks to all the staff for everything you have done over the last 33 years here. Everyone has helped whenever I have had any problems it really is a joy to live here”. Lovely kind words and you could tell she actually meant it from her heart.

Peggy then enjoyed a special lunch with her family and friends. At 4 o’clock the big party began with a live band “Don’t ask” there was a huge delicious birthday cake and lovely food on the buffet table. Yes you guessed it Peggy was again first on the dance floor.

Peggy was on the go enjoying herself from 10.30 until 7 pm amazing for someone with so much energy at 100 years old. She is now planning her 101 birthday for next year. Peggy is an incredible lady for 100 years old, she is a very good ambassador to Ciudad Patricia.

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