Double Easter celebrations at Senior Resort Ciudad Patricia

The residents of the resort were in good spirits. The sun was shining, they received their second vaccination for protection against the corona virus and Easter was just around the corner. Nadine Sweers, the resort’s location manager, together with her staff and the medical team, once again flawlessly organised the second vaccination for the residents in a safe manner.

The residents are very satisfied that their second vaccination was also arranged collectively in Ciudad Patricia, exactly three weeks after the first one. The feeling of relief was in the air and there was a cheerful and elated mood. The residents will feel a lot more secure when they venture outside the resort, of course still with safety in mind.

To make the day a celebration, Nadine had arranged for chocolate eggs in a goody bag for all the residents and after their vaccination, everyone could enjoy an Easter cake with a drink on the terrace. The spacious terrace with its beautiful view of the mountains was a good place to sit and everyone could enjoy the beautiful day in perfect safety.