Friends forever

Friends Forever at Ciudad Patricia

Daph and Kathy have recently moved into 2 different buildings in Ciudad Patricia both have wonderful views of trees an mountains. They both came from the same area close to Torrivieja. Maybe it’s more than chance that they’ve continued their friendship here at Ciudad Patricia.

They both share a love of dancing, especially line dancing. During one of their last line dancing classes they were chatting, and told one another that they were both moving soon. They asked each other where they were moving to. They were both so surprised that they both said they were moving to Ciudad Patricia. Kathy and Daph were so looking forward to their move.

They both have been speaking to other residents and hope to start up a line dancing class soon at Ciudad Patricia. First to be signing up will be the incredible Peggy at 98 years old and been living at Ciudad Patricia for 31 years. Our true Ambassador.

As they say: watch this space

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