Help from Talented Residents

Here at our beautiful retirement resort at Ciudad Patricia we are very proud to have some talented artists amongst our residents. They regularly meet on a Tuesday to get together and paint in our hobbies room. This has wonderful large windows giving lots of natural light for painting. Maurice Renier, a belgium resident in Ciudad Patricia and very talented artist for many years, likes to give help and advice to other residents while they are painting.

So when a faded wall painting near the highest building Flora needed some restoration, the location manager Nadine didn’t have to think twice asking for help from Maurice Renier. He reacted very positively and was joined by another talented resident Monique Cholley-Hartmann.

They thought it would be a lovely idea to repaint a stunning mural seaside scene complete with boats and beautiful blue sea. The residents often smile every time they pass this cheerful mural. It really has made this wall come to life. The residents are all hoping for the many activities that they enjoy taking part in will gradually start becoming available again for them to join in.