How not to feel lonely in your senior years

How not to feel lonely in your senior years

The main reason is the fear of being alone in your home when something happens, a fall or accident where there is no one around to help you. Many people live where there they are surrounded with villas or apartments and do not to get to see many people. So if something was to happen and you do not have the phone near you what would you do?

At Ciudad Patricia you have complete peace of mind you are never alone there is always someone to turn to or talk to. Whether you have a fall, accident something goes wrong in your home like a blocked sink, you just press the button for 24 hour emergency medical assistance or call reception for maintenance.

Nearly 3 years ago the Ciudad Patricia Residence Association thought it would be a good idea to have their own community support worker. With the help of Nadine, the resort manager, who oversees all aspects of the resort and lives onsite made the decision to employ Jayne. Jayne was a qualified auxiliary nurse who used to work for the National Health Service in England. She has now been living in Spain for 14 years and is totally fluent in Spanish. Jayne is lovely, friendly and bubbly and in my opinion a real asset to the resort as so many of the residents think so. Jayne no longer carries out the auxiliary duties but is there for the residents as a community support worker who works for the residents to help them with many things to make life easier especially if they are alone. Jayne´s time is filled helping the residents with lots of different things. One of her main roles is to help with medical translation on your important doctor or hospital appointments. She will go with you to the appointment to offer her support. If you are not feeling well you can ask her to go shopping for you, go and get your prescriptions. So if she knows you are poorly she will check on you daily until you are better. When she has to go off the resort to help you there is a small charge. When you move in to Ciudad Patricia and are settled in she will pop round to meet you and have a coffee and a chat so she does not meet you for the first time when you are poorly. You can tell immediately that Jayne enjoys her role in the resort. I asked her what she liked the most “it is very rewarding to be able to help the residents when they need me“

So is it not a lovely feeling to have peace of mind to have Jayne there to help you when you are alone?

There is also the peace of mind there is a button for emergency medical assistance 24 hours. For non-emergency there is even surgery in the medical center in the mornings week days where you don’t even have to make an appointment. There is a weekly shopping bus to take you shopping if you do not drive. There is an individual care package that can be offered as an extra to allow you to carry on living in your own home for as long as possible. There is a residential care home when you can no longer live independently.

All these wonderful facilities take away the worry of being alone and allow you to live a wonderful life with peace of mind in your senior years.

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