Life is So Different

Keith’s Story

It was 5 years after I lost my wife that I was very lonely and so very sad. Life was not easy as I was left alone in a large villa with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a very large garden and a large swimming pool. Looking after all of that took so much of my time and most days I was worn out and tired.

So I decided to go and find a smaller property and had to put the villa up for sale. Every week I saw an advertisement in the local papers for Ciudad Patricia which I found to be so interesting that I made an effort to go to a public open day.

What an extremely exciting day and to visit Ciudad Patricia was one of the finest things I had done for some time. There was a lady called Amanda who controlled the visit of several members of the public which was her job at Ciudad Patricia. She was so helpful and her advice could not be questioned.
After several days having discussions with friends I had more information regarding Ciudad Patricia than anyone else. Everything was so interesting that I arranged another visit for myself only and have never had any bad thoughts. Everything seemed to be perfect for my life and some items were incredible and so obvious that I chose an apartment which had a wonderful view of Benidorm and the mountains.
I have now lived here in Ciudad Patricia for 9 months and my life has no problems and even my health is perfect. To be able to live every day without any property or garden problems made my life so different. It has absolute perfect residences and the situation is perfect and totally peaceful. There is a collection of couples and singles who make perfect neighbours and new friends.
Although we have people from other countries than England who live here, all is made efficient by several members of the staff who are perfect.
Since the coronovirus began the staff spent every day checking on the residents to make sure they were well and if they needed help there is a doctor and nurses who could be called but no-one had the virus thank goodness.

Should anyone need advice regarding Ciudad Patricia I am available and the advertisements in the papers and magazines seem to cover everything perfectly.


We were asked by Keith to use the photo of him and his late wife. Even though he’s moved, he feels her close to him here.