Living Services

Living services all apply to the resort and facilities, such as the caretaker who keeps the communal areas clean and does the garden maintenance, the costs for water supply and refuse disposal.
For this we charge a monthly fixed amount.

Living Services at Ciudad Patricia
“I am the residents main contact person – If the residents are happy I am happy.”
Nadine, Location Manager

Location Manager

When you first to come live in Ciudad Patricia, you will meet our location manager: Nadine Sweers. Nadine is responsible for the quality of daily life and living, the maintenance of the resort and acts as a primary point of contact for residents. Nadine arranges your paperwork on arrival, such as registration on the ‘Padrón’ in Benidorm, a new SIP card (health service), and the transfer of telephone and electricity to your name. She also organizes all sorts of fun activities such as BBQs, dance afternoons, concerts, markets and of course excursions. Nadine can be reached 24 hours a day in emergencies and can serve as an intermediary to relatives or friends in case of an emergency.

Our location manager lives at Ciudad Patricia so if you need help you feel rest assured there is always someone available.

24h Medical Emergency Assistance

One of the main reasons people come and live at Ciudad Patricia is the availability of on-call medical assistance in case of an emergency, 24 hours per day, and the peace of mind that the doctor also lives here.

Maintenance of the Park, Main Building and the Apartments

Our caretakers live in an apartment in each building. They are there to keep an eye on things and to maintain the facilities around the resort, including the maintenance of the pools, the gym and crafts room and other communal areas. Along with this, there is a service man which can solve the maintenance problems which might occur in the apartment.


The feeling of being safe and secure and having peace of mind is of the utmost importance when you are living at Ciudad Patricia. We achieve this by creating a safe and sociable environment, with medical facilities available to our residents.

We have a computerised-security camera system (CCTV) that is monitored throughout the day and night. Additionally, at night there is a barrier in place at the entrance to the park which is manned by a security guard that checks all visitors to the resort from 7pm to 7am.

Thanks to all these measures you can really feel safe and secure and have no worries when living here at Ciudad Patricia!

Shuttle Service

We provide a regular “shuttle service” between all buildings, so that everyone can enjoy coffee time, lunch, teatime, the doctor, petanque, the swimming pool or bingo and many more activities. This shuttle stops at all buildings.

Other services included in the service cost are:

  • Building insurance
  • Refuse
  • Water consumption
  • Costs of use for the main central building
  • GP visits during normal hours

NOTE: Living Services are included in the service charges. Property tax (IBI) for individual apartments is not included.

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