Lockdown in Ciudad Patricia: Feeling Safe and Secure

Lockdown at Ciudad Patricia has not been too bad on the whole. I myself have a little garden which I can escape to and do dead heading, weeding, and planting etc. It’s also nice to sit out in the sun and relax and read books. One also tends to watch much more television, documentaries , nature programmes apart from the normal run of shows.

Obviously we miss our activities and meeting all our friends for a chat, but its all for our own good in the end.

At Easter every appartment was given a card, a pot plant, and a little bag of chocolate goodies, which was a lovely surprise.

My friend next door, Colin runs the bingo here in normal times and he came up with the idea of having garden bingo. Us three neighgours who have gardens all go out twice a week and play bingo sitting in our gardens, which is a lot of fun and passes the time.

We are all being taken very good care of here and I myself feel very reassured and safe. Tradesmen and visitors are barred at the moment from coming in to our complex which is really good. It will be nice however when we can get back to normal.

I was very impressed the first time I ever came to see Cuidad Patricia. I didn’t realise how big and spread out it was. The communal gardens and pools are all well kept. I saw several apartments which I liked a lot. When we went into the main building we were greeted by Amanda and introduced to some of the staff. The layout was really good with many different rooms, a large restaurant where we had lunch, and also a bar/café for you to have drinks and snacks. The whole experience was very enjoyable and I wanted to sell my villa and come here as soon as possible.

I am now very happy here and feel very safe and secure and have made lots of friends already, so I am pleased I made the move. You still live here independantly but at the same time we have all the help and support you need should things go wrong. I would therefore recommend it to anyone.

Jean Rossley