My journey to Ciudad Patricia

My journey to Ciudad Patricia

Amanda Hobbs asked me to write why I came to Ciudad Patricia, and about my books I write. I agreed to that, so I hope you won’t be bored!

I had a yen to move to Spain for years, but I finally moved to Spain at the ripe age of 62 years. I bought a house and lived in it for over 13 years. I bought an apartment in Cabo Roig, near Torrevieja, in 2011, and moved to it when I sold my house, also near Torrevieja. I planned to live in the apartment in Cabo Roig because of a Medical Centre across the road. But as I was on my own, I decided I would move to Ciudad Patricia. I was so relieved of my decision to go to C.Patricia, as I spent time in Torrevieja hospital in June 2016. The hospital doctor told me I had two aneurysms. I’m physically OK, but my speech has been affected following the attacks.

I fell in love with Elisa 361, when Amanda showed it to me and finally bought it in August 2015, (the previous prospective owner decided she wouldn’t move in, because she was going back to the UK because of ill-health);  although I didn’t intend to move into it until 5th September, 2016. I love swimming, and thought I could swim every day in the heated indoor pool or in the pool outside. The house and the apartment only had outside community pools, so I could only swim there during the summer months.

Ciudad Patricia is welcoming, the people are very friendly. I’ve already joined the Shortmat Bowls and go every Monday morning. As the indoor pool is open during the winter months, I go swimming every day. I’ve line-danced for years, so I was pleased to see that line-dancing was at Hotel Nereo on a Thursday morning. The entertainment and the restaurant is brilliant, so I shouldn’t be bored!


I write under my proper name KJ Rollinson. The KJ stands for Kathleen June, although I prefer to be called Kathy.

I wrote a trilogy a few years ago, ‘Fallyn and the Dragons’, ‘Fallyn in the Forbidden Land’, and ‘Fallyn and the Sea Dragons’, and I’m busy editing it to incorporate all three books in one, called ‘Dragons’ Trilogy’. If you like a fantasy book, suitable for all ages, this is one for you.

I’ve  written children’s books. ‘A Twist of Fairy Tales’. (You can see a video on YouTube about this book) and ‘Maranda the Mermaid’. (I called the main protagonist Maranda because it reminded of me of the Spanish word for sea – Mar). I’ve also written a murder book ‘The Rode to Justice’, John Rode, first-grade detective, murder stories. My latest book ‘Where Lies my Heart’, winner of the Ian Govan Award, 2015, has several five-stars on Amazon, the highest stars. All my books are available on Amazon. ‘Where Lies My Heart’, and ‘Dragons’ Trilogy’ are published by yours truly, the other books were published by WordPlay Publishing, run by Michael Barton, and by Quirkygirl in Spain.

I hope ‘Dragons’ Trilogy’ will be available on Amazon by Christmas 2016.


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