Never a dull moment living at Ciudad Patricia

Residents that are living a worry free life at our beautiful resort have many things to keep them busy if they want to. Nearly every day there is something going on to take part in and enjoy.

Monday 10am
Miniature golf club.

Tuesday 10am
Painting class and lessons in the residents own Hobby Room with personal lockers.

Tuesday 5pm
Darts in the library (the joke is they get extra points when they hit the board) next time you visit the library take a peek at the darts board and chuckle.

Wednesday 5pm

Thursday 5pm
Ciudad Patricia choir rehearsal.

Listen to the Gospel choir that uses our theater to rehearse just listen to their beautiful voices and harmonies.

Friday 5pm
Games EveningLibrary and bar, Rummy Kup, scrabble and other games are played.

Saturday Morning
Bridge in the Library.

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