Pat & Trevors experience of moving and living at Ciudad Patricia

Moving and living at Ciudad Patricia

Browsing through the Female Focus four years ago we came across the page covering Ciudad Patricia and we both said that this looks like the type of place that would suit us.

We had our villa up for sale and decided it was worth a trip to see exactly what the situation was. We contacted Amanda Hobbs and made an appointment to come up to Ciudad Patricia to see for ourselves as the advert had made us want to see for ourselves. Amanda was very welcoming and we had a long talk with her about our position and about the way that the resort works. We then looked round at a number of apartments which made us all the more determined that when the time was right this was where we wanted to be. As one of us had health problems the fact that there was a 24 hour doctor on call at the resort definitely helped our decision. Over the next two years we kept visiting and each time knew it was right for us.

Finally after what seemed duration we sold and came up and found an apartment which we have now moved into and are very happy and settled. We thought we would have problems registering for a doctor and the Padron but that was all taken off our hands and dealt with by the resort manager Nadine. We had an appointment with the on call doctor on site so that if he was called out he would know our individual health situations.

We can come and go as we please, something which we worried about where we 12 years due to burglaries and so would not go away for long. If you want it there are lots of things on offer besides different functions organized each month for everyone to get together and enjoy. In the winter months a lovely indoor swimming pool and then once the weather improves three outdoor swimming pools. There is a gym, art classes, a choir and lots more and if you fancy being pampered a hairdressers etc. for your every whim. There is a very good restaurant which we often use especially if having visitors and a coffee bar for snacks, a drink or two and meeting up with other people.

Senior Resort Ciudad Patricia is where you can live the rest of your life with peace of mind.

Come and see for yourselves and look forward to a great future.

– Pat & Trevor

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