Paula and Wim Plokhooij

Paula and Wim Plokhooij – Vanderfeesten, moved into their apartment in June 2022, we asked them some questions about their experience:

What made you decide to move to Ciudad Patricia?

W: We had inquired about CP five years ago, but we thought it was too early to move then.

P: This year we had some health problems that made us think. We wanted to anticipate events that might cause us to feel isolated or unsafe in our home, without help. We also did not want to be dependent on our family who did not live in Spain.

W: We sold our house and took the opportunity to buy a beautiful Apartment that we hope to enjoy for as long as possible.

How did you hear about the Ciudad Patricia?

W. My parents lived in Denia for a long time and had told me about Ciudad Patricia, but they never had the opportunity to live there.  When Paula and I were talking about a solution for long term living, I remembered the conversation I had had with my parents.

P: So we started looking on the internet, we came to the resort to taste the atmosphere and meet the residents and staff.

Why did you choose CP and not other alternatives?

W: We actually compared the offers and the different options available to us, because it was clear that once we had decided on the solution, we could hardly go back.

P: The park and the surrounding nature, the architecture and surface of the buildings, the construction method with a timeless charm seduced us at first sight. Then the location close to the city’s activities, the central position between the airports of Valencia and Alicante to allow us to travel or to receive our family in the studios of the Resort.

What were the important elements that convinced you to choose the CP?

P: The most important thing is to feel at ease in the house and in the park: the atmosphere is very important in the contacts with the other residents but also with the staff. We are pleasantly surprised by the friendliness, professionalism and help of the doctors, carers, gardeners, construction workers, people we meet every day.

W: The 24/7 presence of this team on site is reassuring, and was an important point in our decision as well as the possibility of accommodating our family in the studios. This compensates for the fact that we are moving from a house to a apartment and also played a part in our decision.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the “Uso vitalicio” formula?

W: The main disadvantage is that our capital is “consumed”, one has to take into account that, even with the refund table, part of the capital will be “lost”.

P: That’s why we decided to move when we were still young and vital, to enjoy the usufruct as long as possible, but also to give us the opportunity to actively participate in the local life and to build a new circle of friends.

What was the reaction of your family?

We chose to give our children the opportunity to be as independent as possible in their development and in achieving their goals. Today, all four of them are in a situation where they are not waiting for an inheritance to start their lives. They are happy to see us enjoying our lives and making our own choices, being as independent as possible. They don’t have to worry about us either.

How do you feel a few months after you came to live here?

P: We are very satisfied and have no regrets about our choice, it is really a nice place to live, we have many activities and visits planned for the coming months.

What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant to take the step of leaving their home?

W: Don’t wait too long before you take the plunge, because the sooner you take the step, the easier it will be to adjust to your new home and the longer you will be able to enjoy it, which is also more financially rewarding.