Sport & Leisure


Staying fit as you move into your senior years is very important. Just a little extra effort and physical activity can be rewarding in so many ways. We’re particularly aware of the benefits of swimming.

The health benefits of swimming cannot be underestimated. For this reason, we are proud to have 4 outdoor pools and an indoor swimming complex with a constant water temperature of 28ºC.

This complex means that you can now swim all year round. The complex has been designed with large glass walls so that you can still see the park and enjoy the fabulous views. We offer regular exercise classes to all our residents, a great way to meet and socialize whilst enjoying a gentle workout.

Our pools are maintained to highest standard and are located in the gardens right next to the apartment buildings for ease of use and access.

Read here more about swimming in our blog!

Hobby Room

Next to the indoor swimming pool complex is a bright and airy hobby room. Here the residents can craft, paint or do other creative work. We provide the basic amenities including a workbench and painter’s easels.

Sports & Games and more

We all know that keeping fit and staying fit is vital for a healthy life. And it’s never more important than in our senior years. It only takes a little effort, but the rewards are enormous; greater agility, fewer aches and pains as well as being good mentally. Staying fit at Ciudad Patricia is easy. For a start, we have 100,000 square metres of parkland you can walk through. We have a well-appointed fitness room including fitness bikes and running/walking machines. And finally, we have outdoor mini-golf and a petanque ‘pista’.

If you prefer to be indoors, we organize regular games events including, Rummikub, Darts, Bingo and Cards. We have a well-stocked library in the central building where residents can borrow books and DVDs. There are also many board games available.


There’s no doubt that experts agree that socializing into our senior years is a key component to general well-being. With this in mind, dance evenings, fashion shows and presentations regularly take place in the residents’ lounge in the central building.

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