The importance of socializing

Ciudad Patricia: The importance of socializing

At Ciudad Patricia we understand the importance of socializing.

It is a fact that most people understand how important it to socialize in all stages of life. It is often overlooked the importance also of socializing in our senior years.

As people get older, life’s circumstances may push us towards a life of loneliness and isolation, unless you take steps to start new friendships. This is true whether you live alone in a villa, apartment or a retirement facility. This is a fear for many people in the future if you are living with your partner; you do not want to be left on your own.

Sense of Purpose and Belonging

It is also a fact the advantage of socializing can enhance your quality of life and will probably extend your lifespan. At Ciudad Patricia you will be able to make new friends and build on friendships when you take part in the many activities with the residents who enjoy the same interests.

Increased Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Joining a group or club at Ciudad Patricia makes life more fun. There is always a reason to get up and go wearing a smile. It also improves both your mental and physical health spending time with others keeps the mind as well as body active.

There are so many things that you can join in with at Ciudad Patricia, but only if you want to.

Painting Classes, Short Mat Bowling, Bingo, Choir practice, Bridge, Petanca, Miniature golf club, Darts, Gym Classes, Aqua aerobic classes, Yoga, Games afternoon many play rummikub.

Lots of activities that Nadine, the resort manager, organizes for the residents to enjoy and perfect to meet new people with a happy friendly atmosphere.

BBqs, Paella day, Dinner dances, Afternoon tea party, Jazz concerts, Live bands, Museum Visits, Wine Tours, Blossemtrip and other interesting places to visit.

Why not come and see for yourself or better still, book a weeks try out in one of our apartments to join in with the residents they are the ones to ask what life is really like living at Ciudad Patricia.

You are never alone at Ciudad Patricia.

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