What is Senior Cohousing?

A question that is coming up more and more from people that come and visit us at Ciudad Patricia is What is Senior Cohousing and how is it different to Ciudad Patricia?  It’s a relatively new term and like so many new terms it can be used in a whole manner of different ways and is often a source of confusion.  This article aims to answer the question.

But first..

What is Cohousing?

Cohousing is a type of intentional community where people live together in a shared living space while maintaining their own private homes. The residents of a cohousing community share common spaces such as living areas, and gardens, which encourages social interaction and the formation of friendships. 

Cohousing communities can come in different forms, such as multi-generational communities, family communities, and senior cohousing. The focus of the community can also vary, such as communities based on shared values, lifestyle, or sustainability.

But remember all of these services are arranged and managed by the members of the committee of residents with all of the management time and responsibility that involves..

What is Senior Cohousing?

Senior cohousing is a concept that is gaining popularity as more and more seniors are looking for alternative living arrangements to traditional care homes but at the same time provide a sense of community and support. It is a form of housing where people of a similar age, normally over 50,  and with similar interests live together in a self-governing community.

One of the main benefits of senior cohousing is the sense of community and social interaction that it provides. Residents of a senior cohousing community share common spaces such as living rooms, gardens and sometimes even kitchens, which encourages social interaction and the formation of friendships. This can be especially beneficial for seniors who may be feeling lonely or isolated in their own homes.

Another benefit of senior cohousing is the increased sense of security and safety. Living in a community with other seniors can provide a sense of reassurance, knowing that there is always someone around to help in case of an emergency. Additionally, many senior cohousing communities have safety features such as emergency call systems that are designed to promote safety and security.

Senior cohousing also provides opportunities for continued learning and personal growth. Many communities offer classes, workshops, and other activities that allow residents to continue learning and developing new skills. This can be especially beneficial for seniors who may be looking for ways to stay mentally and physically active.

Despite the benefits, it’s important to note that senior cohousing may not be suitable for everyone and it’s important to consider one’s own needs and preferences. Factors such as location, cost, and size of the community should be considered before making a decision.

Disadvantages of Senior Cohousing

There are a number of things you need to be aware of with regards to Senior Cohousing:


  • Cost: Senior cohousing communities can be expensive as they require a substantial investment to set up. In Ciudad Patricia the residents don’t have to make any investments themselves because Ciudad Patricia is a company and has its own investment plan such as our new Jazmin development.
  • Maintenance: Living in a community with shared spaces and facilities can increase maintenance and repair responsibilities.  In Ciudad Patricia, the management team is responsible for taking care of all of these things for its residents.
  • Lack of privacy: Sharing living spaces and common areas with others can lead to a loss of privacy.  At Ciudad Patricia, the only areas that you will have to share are the ones you choose to share, such as the gardens, swimming pools, and restaurants.  No need to share a kitchen!
  • Conflicts: It is inevitable that disagreements and conflicts arise when there is a close group of people living together in the context of shared areas and responsibilities.
  • Limited freedom: Living in a co-housing community often requires following rules and regulations set by the community, which can limit personal freedom and are open to changes that you may not agree with.
  • Need for compromise: Making decisions about shared spaces and resources can require a lot of compromise and negotiation.
  • Not suitable for everyone: Senior co-housing may not be suitable for individuals who prefer to live independently and prefer their own space.  Ciudad Patricia gives you the option to live independently but have the facilities and services to hand.

How is Ciudad Patricia Different to Senior Cohousing

Ciudad Patricia, on the other hand, is a senior living community located in Benidorm. It is often referred to as a “Retirement Village” as it caters specifically to the needs of older adults and retirees. The community is designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle for its residents, with a focus on promoting independence, socialization, and personal growth.  

Ciudad Patricia provides a wide range of services and amenities, including 24-hour security, housekeeping, laundry, and transportation. We also have recreational activities, cultural events, and excursions. We have different types of accommodation, such as standard and premium apartments for single occupation and couples, that are tailored to the needs of each resident, and they provide assisted living and nursing care if needed.

While both senior cohousing and Ciudad Patricia provide a sense of community and social interaction, senior cohousing is a more self-governed and self-managed living arrangement, where the residents have to take decisions over the daily life and decision-making of the community. 

Ciudad Patricia, on the other hand, is a more traditional senior living community, where the staff and management are in charge of the day-to-day operations and the residents have less to worry about.