Why swimming is important in your senior years

Why swimming is important in your senior years

Everyone knows how important exercising is for improving your general health, maintaining a healthy heart, improving your flexibility, building stronger muscles and lowering the risk of injury.

There is one form of exercise that is very beneficial in your senior years when normal exercising becomes more difficult and that is of course swimming. When you are swimming and doing exercises in the water it allows you to get in better shape without the stress and strain on the body. Swimming is an ideal way to keep and stay fit with little risk of injury as it is low impact. Water exercises work out nearly every muscle group in the body.

At Senior Resort Ciudad Patricia we understand the importance of swimming. We currently have an indoor heated pools and 3 outdoor pools and will be building a fourth with our new building Iris. We have regular free Aqua Aerobics classes with a trained physiotherapist. So if one of the residents living in their retirement apartment suffers from back pain or bad knee joints they will be shown the special water exercises to help to improve them.

Here are a few ways swimming and water exercises can help and generally improve your health in your senior years.

Improves your muscle strength to allow you to carry out more things in your life.

Improves flexibility in your joints. This can then help improve your posture and helps to relieve back pain.

It can help reduce the risk of Osteoporosis as swimming can also help to improve your bone density. This is because the water makes for a non-weight bearing exercising and is easy on the joints.

Improves the health of your heart.

Here at Senior Resort Ciudad Patricia you can try out one of our lovely retirement apartments with stunning views for a minimum of 3 nights (€54 per night) and a maximum of 2 weeks. Join the residents in some of their classes and numerous other socialising activities. You will be able to experience for yourself what a wonderful life the residents enjoy in their own retirement community.

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