Young Musicians Entertain the ‘Young at Heart’

It was a midday hop when the ‘Swing Under My Wing’ youth band visited Benidorm Ciudad Patricia retirement resort last Thursday 31st August. Led by trumpet man Marco Taiello (Italian) seven young musicians transported the residents back to the swing era playing a variety of evergreen arrangements of the time, concluding with the always popular, Glen Miller’s, ‘In The Mood’. All the musicians, strangely incorporating a bassoonist, very unusual for jazz, were of different nationalities ranging from American to German, including vocalist Barbara Stepinska who had travelled from Poland. The event was well attended.

The tour included seven live concerts in four cities situated in La Marina, Alicante for three weeks. This program served for social inclusion and was organized by NGO De Amicitia. De Amicitia, non-profit or politically  linked organisation. They offer opportunities for volunteers, both young and old, to participate in local and international volunteering activities. These mainly include international work camps, but also activities in different local areas such as reforestation. In addition, De Amicitia participates in international youth exchanges and seminars, both as a host and as a sending organization. These focus mainly on social activities and the promotion of development, peace and human rights.

The concert was sponsored by the medical group, IMED. For more information on De Amicitia, go to: www.deamicitia.org

Article supplied by Benny Davies – Resident at Apartamentos Ciudad Patricia

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